Vintage is always better....at least when it comes to fashion. Good Soul Vintage supports vintage fashion not vintage values.  GSV was created out of a passion for finding items that have a "good soul", meaning some sort of story and a bit of history. Imagine the life that 1920's kimono you're wearing has had! 


Meet me (Chelsea), the owner behind the shop! I believe in looking fabulous while supporting sustainable fashion, which of course is where my love of vintage comes in. I've been selling vintage clothing since 2013, Good Soul Vintage has evolved throughout the years but its core has stayed the same. My goal is to help you blend your favorite vintage clothing finds with some modern items you may already have, no costume vibes here.

Most days I can be found sourcing vintage, hiking with my two pitbull pups (Mando & Mumford), or eating pizza on the couch with my fiancé. I truly believe in putting good out into the world so if my vintage can make someones day, I'm pretty darn happy & content.


My door is always open, feel free to contact me at anytime!



Have some vintage clothing or accessories you're ready to part with? Let's chat
My process with buying vintage is pretty simple; tell me what you have, a few photos is always helpful and we'll go from there. And since I know you're going to ask... trades are sometimes an option!